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Removal of Pahs from Raw Petrochemical Wastewaters via Sonication
Delia Teresa Sponza*, Rukiye Öztekin Dokuz Eylül University, Engineering Faculty, Environmental Engineering Department, Buca- ─░zmir Turkey   *Corresponding author: Prof. Dr. Delia Teresa Sponza, Engineering Faculty, Dokuz Eylül University, Enviro

A Case Report of Corneal Abrasion after Cataract Surgery
Jürg H. Boesch* MD, FMH, Switzerland   *Corresponding author: Dr. med. Jürg H. Boesch, Urology and Surgery FMH, Bahnhofstrasse 16, CH-8590 Romanshorn, Switzerland. Email: [email protected]   Received Date: 07 September 2022; Accepted Date: 12

To Show the Frequency of Dry Eye in Smokers in Hospital Based Pakistani Population
Farwa Gul1, Afrish Maqbool2, Saad Ullah3, Amna4* 1M.Phil. optometry student, The University of Faislabad, Pakistan 2Clinical Optometris, Amer eye Hospital Network Rawalpindi, Pakistan 3Student MPhil Optometry, The University of Faislabad, Pakistan 4Department of Man